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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

R is for a variety of REDS

I really must apologize to Mrs. Matlock for being absent so long, but I just couldn't participate in Alphabe-Thursday because I ran out of alphabet ideas!  As it is, I'm recycling some photos from previous posts just so that I'm not totally kicked out of Mrs. Matlock's school program. 
This week our letter is "R" and I immediately thought of RED.  I know...very original...DUH!

Anyway my first photo is of an apron I made in 7th or 8th grade.  My mother kept it all these years and I now have it securely placed in a memory book for my grandchildren.  The word on the pocket is "MOM" in case you can't make out my cross-stitching.
I made these watermelon pieces and the ant several years ago while I was still teaching. Our school secretary invited several teachers to her house so we could paint and show off our craftiness!  The teachers called it "therapy". 

I found this apple hanging outside of my classroom door one day during parent-teacher conferences! Our secretary and some of her friends made these apples for each teacher as a gift and I have it hanging in the same room as my watermelon pieces.

These vintage Little Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shakers belonged to my mother.  I have a photo of me as a baby sitting in a high chair with these and the coordinating cookie jar atop our refrigerator.  My mother could never find the cookie jar after we moved to Phoenix in the early 60's.  I found a pristine cookie jar that matched these shakers at an estate sale but I wasn't going to pay $225 for it!
My mother also saved these cake toppers from when I was a teenager.  The red record player is truly a gem.

I'm not old enough to really remember Shirley Temple or any of her movies, but I really liked this doll when I saw her at a doll show in Phoenix.  She is a reproduction and is as cute as can be!

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