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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kitchen timer!

I went to an estate sale yesterday and picked up a few things that I didn't need.  Since every microwave and stove nowadays has a built-in timer, I didn't need another timer!!!!  However, I thought that this cupcake timer was unique since I've never seen another one like it!  There are countless cupcake timers available on ebay and Amazon, but I haven't seen one on a pedestal of sorts!  

I like the whimsy of this cupcake timer

I like how this timer is on a pedestal

                             I just think that this timer is so cute...almost good enough to eat!

I searched ebay and Amazon and found that almost all of the cupcake timers were selling anywhere from $10.00-$29.99, but none were on a stand/pedestal.  Of course I won't use this timer because I have timers on other kitchen appliances, however, it will be displayed in my kitchen for its whimsical value!