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Monday, June 24, 2013


This is a great big FYI for anyone who likes to scrapbook and who lives anywhere near an IKEA.  My daughter was visiting from Tucson on Saturday so we decided to do some shopping at IKEA in Tempe, AZ.  I really didn't need anything and she was mainly looking for decorating ideas so we leisurely strolled the aisles.  I saw a packet of scrapbook papers in an odd location so I didn't pick it up.  Just as we approached the elevators on the second floor, I noticed a whole bunch of stuff for .99!!!!!  I walked over to the shelves and spotted the scrapbook packet again.  I picked it up and popped it into the shopping cart completely convinced that it wasn't going to ring up at .99!
Lo and behold, it did.  So if anyone is interested in parts or all of the packet I've photographed for this post, head over to IKEA and grab one.


In this first photo, you can see the ribbons and some embellishments.  


Stickers and more embellishments

Journaling and accent pieces

Five different 12 x 12 papers (I hid the duplicates underneath each piece)

Needless to say, I was pleased with my purchase.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Meri's Paper Doll Class

This past Saturday I attended my 3rd. event at Meri's house and this class involved working with paper dolls.  You have to understand that Meri is one of the most talented, gracious, selfless, and creative people that I have the pleasure to know.  If you are local to the Phoenix area, I suggest that you attend one of Meri's classes as you will not be disappointed.

I decided to make Meri a paper dress garland as a small token of thanks for opening her home for classes and creative guidance.  I followed a pattern that I used previously for my granddaughter's garland. Below you can see each letter of Meri's name.

                             Most of the paper dress garland as displayed in my home
                                                  Here is one of Rhona's beautiful cards

A beauty by Sherry

I love this creation by CeeKay.  I'm a retired school teacher so this really appeals to me.

The lovely CeeKay with her card

A card that Meri was working on

Sharon's delightful card

Finally, my attempt at creativity!!!!!!!!!!!

A vintage collage that I put together

Working on an hour glass figure collage---oh, the pain of such a tiny waist!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New sofa table

I'm a sucker for hand painted furniture!  I needed wanted a sofa table for our family room which is about to undergo a remodel, so I looked on Craig's List hoping to find something that I liked at a reasonable price.  This little gem popped up and I was hooked!  This is the 3rd piece of hand painted furniture that I have and I'm very happy with it.

The original asking price was $125 and then they lowered it to $85.  I managed to buy this darling table for $70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm very pleased with it and I just love the detail and the colors.  Eventually our great room, kitchen and dining room will be painted in combinations of yellow hues   so this table will fit right in.