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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yard sale delights

I enjoyed my Saturday morning yard sale excursion and I came home with some nice treasures.

I couldn't pass up this darling heart and star angel that just needed a new home. She had sisters in different dresses and sizes but, of course, when I went back to buy them they were gone!!! Will I ever learn?

This birdcage needs another bird and a nest but I thought that it was cute and unique. I also have to glue the ribbon down in a different way and this birdcage will be winner.

This needlework is so pretty and delicate....I just couldn't pass it up.

Here is the framed picture of the needlework that cost a grand total of $2.00. I thought that was a good deal.
I felt pretty good about today's finds because I haven't found anything interesting lately at any garage sales that I've gone to. I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Alma Mater or a Blast from the Past!!

Last week I had a meeting at my former high school in Phoenix, AZ. I'm a class agent which means I represent my class at meetings and pass along important information regarding our high school and any special upcoming events. I met some other alums from years ahead of me and after me and we had so much fun at the meeting. Before I continue, let me share some thoughts about my former high school.
It is a private Catholic all-girls school that officially changed from Xavier High School to Xavier College Preparatory in 1980. When I attended, it was Xavier High School....when my daughter attended, it was Xavier College Prep. The education at XCP is unmatched and, in my opinion, this school is the best private school in Arizona....actually it is ranked in the top 5 nationally for Catholic schools. Most of the girls take Honors and AP classes and the curriculum can be rigorous. Many teachers have their Ph.D's and most classes have a low student-teacher ratio. Girls from all over the valley attend Xavier and admission includes a test, recommendations from grade school teachers, principals, and a written essay by the applicant. I think that maybe half of the girls that apply are actually accepted....the competition is fierce.
When I attended we had typewriters...almost all manual and 2 electric! My daughter had state of the art computers! My first two years were spent in an ugly blue straight skirt with a white blouse and blue blazer. Let's not forget that awful beanie that we had to wear too. My junior and senior year the uniform was better with a plaid skirt and a gold sweater for the upper classmen. We didn't have to wear saddle shoes anymore and we were happy to wear black loafers with white socks or nylons....oh, what progress! My daughter wore basically the same kind of skirt that I did, but she was also able to wear some neat sweatshirts and other tops that were more in fashion. To this day, I wear one of her old sweatshirts with my jeans.
I loved going to Xavier and I could have gone there past my required 4 years if I was allowed to. I felt like I was part of a big family and I knew the name of every girl in my class of 125. Of course we had the usual cliques, but I was never really bothered by that. My daughter, on the hand, was shy and didn't like the drama that went along with some cliqueish behavior. To this day, she is an observer on the sidelines and I'm right in the middle of the game so to speak!
Now for my meeting....there was a table set up with water, wine, and some of the most delicious snacks and desserts that I've ever tasted. I had some wine (bad idea because I'm not much of a drinker) and sat down on a bench by myself. Some other ladies were milling around and one had a plate full of food which she was perilously balancing in her hands along with a glass of wine. She sat down next to me and we started to talk and laugh and reminisce about our years at XCP. Some other ladies joined us and then we walked into the meeting. I sat next to another lady and we, too, talked and laughed and missed some important points of the meeting. After the meeting, I walked over to the snack table and started to eat...I figured that I better get something into my stomach to absorb the wine. We all started to talk and laugh again and I left the building feeling good about meeting other ladies that shared my feeling about XCP. Gosh, I value that school. On the way home, I felt like a bowling ball was sitting on my forehead but I was quite able to drive without impairment. When I got home, my husband asked how the meeting went and I told him all I wanted to do was sleep. Of course he knew I must have had an alcoholic beverage so he asked, "What did you do, drink the Communion wine"? I giggled at the suggestion then marched straight to the bedroom and crawled into bed. I remember nothing after that.
I plan on staying in touch with the ladies that I met that night and maybe go to a Dad's club meeting or two just to sample the food again!
Go Gators!!!!!!!!!! The exclamation points are for my daughter...they annoy her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's Play Tag

My daughter was tagged by her friend, Colleen, to post the seventh picture in her seventh folder and describe it. Of course my daughter tagged me so here is the seventh picture in my seventh folder....that is if I followed directions correctly!

I took this picture at the end of January, 2009, when the rest of the country was snowbound and miserable. I couldn't resist the roses that were still blooming in my backyard near our pool. It really is wonderful to live in Arizona especially during the winter months.

Now I tag Kay Ellen, Cindy, Rita, and Leah

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pink Saturday

Welcome to another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly. To view photos from other blogs, please click on the Pink Saturday button in the right sidebar.
This Saturday I'm going to do vintage fashion ads from various magazines.
The first photo features cottons and silks to wear in town or out in the country. I love the wispy gown with the pink polka dots on the right.
This next ad features fashions straight from Paris. Great snappy pink dresses, hats and bows that would make any lady in the early 30's proud.

Now we have fashion beauties that feature the covered shoulder. A lady would have to be nice and thin to wear the dress on the right with the belt.

"Frocks for the Winter Tea Hour" shows fashions that were socially acceptable for tea in the early 1930's. The frock on the left reminds me of a negligee that I would wear to bed not to a tea.

Finally, Good Housekeeping has a darling little girl on its 1933 cover in her pink apron. I just love her delicate face, cute shoes, and pretty hair. Oh, for this innocent time again!!!!!

Thanks for visiting the 1930's fashion show and I hope that you stop by the other participants listed in Beverly's blog. Have a pleasant weekend and Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

Welcome to another fabulous Friday Favorite Family Foto day. WOW...a lot of alliteration there. Please visit other participants by clicking on the "Photos" button in the right sidebar. The wonderful Deborah hosts this event and it's fun to see so many different family photos. I'm sharing photos of my grandson who just turned 2 on February 9. Since LOVE seems to be the theme of February, I've decided to post pictures of the love of our lives who just celebrated a birthday this week.

My first photo is of my son-in-law, Joe, holding my day-old grandson, Brandt. Brandt was born two years ago, and from the very beginning these two have bonded sharing many father and son activities.
This next photo is of Brandt at his Baptism in Tucson. He is wearing the very same gown worn by his Great-Grandmother, Sarah, in 1914, his Nana (me) in 1948, and his mom, Karen, in 1980. With Brandt wearing the gown in 2007, that makes four generations and 93 years of a treasured family heirloom.
Brandt went to Disneyland for the first time when he was 4 months old. My daughter bought some "ears" for him at that time which seem a little too big for such a small head. I just love this next photo of my grandson because of the expression on his face. It was taken at Joe's sister's house and the photo really shows off Brandt's blue eyes.

Brandt loves watermelon as you can see from the next photo. Again, his gorgeous blue eyes seem to take over the entire picture.
Again Brandt has on his mouse ears but this time he put them on himself. As you can see he has them on sideways which cracks me up.
Finally I had to include the latest picture of Brandt at his birthday party. My daughter made a birthday cake and several cupcakes to share with Brandt's friends. The cupcakes were a huge hit and Brandt seems to be enjoying his second one as much as the first.
Happy Birthday, precious one, and always remember that you are deeply loved.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

Welcome to another Friday's Favorite Family Foto day. I've decided to take a trip down memory lane and post some pictures of me as a baby, little girl, high school student and mother.
I'm starting with a photo of my very first Christmas in December, 1948. Apparently my parents had high hopes for me playing the piano one day, but I'm tone deaf and never had any musical talents whatsoever!
This next photo was taken at San Juan Capistrano in California. I'm standing by my father and we are feeding the swallows. My older cousin, Carol Nancy, is also in the picture.
Oh, how I remember this yellow/gold chair! I think that my aunt has it now but it was in our living room when I was a little girl. My mother liked to dress me in short skirts and dresses and put the cutest shoes on me. I guess I was her little doll since she rarely, if ever, had one to play with as a child.

I'm standing between my mom and dad at my Grandmother's house during Christmas 1952. I sure wish that I had some of the figurines in the bookcase behind us.
Wow does this photo bring back memories! I was the nun in my kindergarten graduation class in 1953. Since I had stage experience as a ballerina, the nuns thought that I would be the perfect choice to be on stage and hand out diplomas to my classmates. Needless to say my parents were thrilled at the choice. That is until I came home one day and, in my 5 year-old voice, told my mom that I didn't want to be the nun anymore! That decision wasn't well received. My mother called the convent and arranged to meet with some nuns so we could all discuss my "nunnery" issues. As it turned out, during a dress rehearsal one of the nuns accidentally stuck me in the head with a pin that was needed to hold the headpiece together. I didn't care if the nuns had to hurt themselves everyday by sticking pins in their heads to keep that thing on, but they certainly weren't going to put pins in my head!!! After the problem was discovered and I was assured that I wouldn't have to have any pins in my head, I agreed to perform my duties and hand out the diplomas. The boy I'm standing with is now a retired ob/gyn living in North Carolina. We always did consider him the "brain" of our class.

The next photo is of my First Holy Communion. I still have the veil, the pin, the crucifix, the bracelet, the prayer book and the rosary that you see in this picture. My mom always saved everything and I'm glad that she did.

The picture on the left is from my junior year in high school and the picture on the right is my high school senior picture. Ahhh, yes the flip!!!
Finally we see a photo of my myself, my mother and my daughter. My mom is probably around 89 or 90 in this photo and my daughter is out of college and working. This picture was taken before Karen was engaged....I think.

Well, this wraps up another Foto day hosted by Deborah. Thank you for viewing and leaving your kind comments. I really appreciate it.