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Friday, May 10, 2013

Coffee Filter Wreath and blisters!

It all started when I saw Angie's wreath on Pinterest or somewhere online!  I started a white coffee filter wreath months and months ago but I wasn't thrilled with the way it looked so I stopped working on it.  When I saw Angie's wreath, I remembered my very unfinished, poor, limp, white coffee filter wreath attempt, and retrieved it from a corner where it was put to rest to die!  I followed Angie's instructions and set out bowls of water and food coloring.  TIP:  for a vibrant blue or purple color, you have to add a lot more food coloring to the water!


Pretty paper towel designs during the drying process.

Hmmmm maybe there is another craft project here!

I eventually put the filters outside to speed up the drying process.

~~~~~~In progress~~~~~

On the table with a butterfly that came to visit

Finished and ready for hanging

My wreath isn't as full as Angie's wreath but it will do for my first attempt.  Total cost:  wreath ring $1.00 at Dollar Tree,  coffee filters $1.00 at Dollar Tree (160 count but I didn't use all of them), butterfly .99 at 99 Cent Store, food coloring free as I have 3 boxes on a shelf, the blisters on my left ring finger and left thumb were also free compliments of my glue gun!