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Friday, August 28, 2009

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to one and all. Please click on the "Pink Saturday" button to the right of this post so you can visit other participants in the weekly event.

My first photo is of a dress form that I picked up from a Craig's List sale this past Thursday. When I saw it in the listing photo, the form looked a whole lot smaller than it actually is. Of course I don't know what to do with it, but I'm sure a creative person or two from blogland can give me suggestions. I tried to jazz the form up with some vintage jewelry but it certainly needs more than that. It is pale pink in color with a lot of interesting detail.

I found this little pink plate at the same sale as the above dress form. It, too, has interesting detail.

What better way to end the hot summer than by carrying a pink-striped bag with pink towels to a pool or a beach? My daughter was going to sell this bag, but I snatched it up instead.

My daughter gave this book to me several years ago and I keep it in a curio cabinet along with some other treasures. The sentiments inside are so heartwarming.
Thank you for visiting on this hot Pink Saturday in very sunny Arizona. Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Nesting" baby shower

Welcome to my daughter's "Nesting" baby shower. I decided on a bird/nesting theme after seeing Karen's choice of crib bedding. She selected "Love Bird" by Bananafish and, since we both really like birds, it was easy to "fly" with the theme. I didn't know where to begin so I searched the internet and found ideas from other nesting showers. I was fortunate to find a wonderful lady (Debbie) on Craig's List who just happened to be selling bird-theme craft supplies including a Christmas tree that I could decorate with birdhouses, nests, eggs, and birds. I made and decorated the labels, name tags, and place-setting poems using the supplies that I had on hand. It was easy and very cost-effective.I had a supply of plastic beverage glasses that I bought quite cheaply at a yard sale so I decided to give them some class with this label. I have never owned a piece of Waterford nor do I intend to ever own this crystal, but my cheap imitations were quite a delight for my guests.

I know my daughter quite well and I knew that she didn't want to be on "pink" overload so I kept the color to a minimum. Here you can see splashes of pink in the floral arrangements that were centerpieces for the tables.
This photo is blurry but the favors are adorable. In keeping with the bird/nesting theme, I ordered "The Nest Egg" favors which contain a pink soap in the shape of an egg. They are in a toile pink box with a brown ribbon and a "Thank You" tag hanging from the ribbon. Another hit at the shower!
I just love this baby lamb planter and I had pink roses put into it for another centerpiece.

Here is a photo of Karen with a darling pair of white shoes with pink ribbon. In the background you can see a sweater that was made by either my mother or my grandmother 30+ years ago. I might have used it for Karen when she was a baby and it was washed and put away until now. I hope that my new granddaughter gets a lot of use out of it.
Here are several blankets that were knit or crocheted by my mother or my grandmother even before I was ever married. My mom and grandmother were quite skilled at needlework and they would pass the time making things for family and friends.
Here is a photo of Karen with a darling picture frame that will match the nursery and crib bedding perfectly.
Here is a photo of Karen holding up another adorable outfit and blanket.
My mother will be 95 years old on September 4, and here she is posing with Karen. Karen just told me today that the baby's middle name will be "Sarah" in honor of my mother!
Again in keeping with the "nesting" theme, I decorated this tree with birds, nests, birdhouses and eggs. This is part of the box of goodies that I got from Debbie.
What would a baby shower be without a cake? It would be a baby shower with bird nest cupcakes. I bought the cupcakes at Costco and decorated them with toasted coconut and pink-spotted jelly beans that looked like eggs in a nest. Everyone raved about the cupcakes and I had to admit that I got the idea online. I also served quiche, finger sandwiches, broccoli salad, pink deviled eggs (dipped the whites in beet juice) and fruit salad. The pink eggs didn't taste like beets at all...they just looked like regular deviled eggs only they were pink!

Here is a place setting holder. At first I didn't know what to do with the birdhouses, and then it struck me to use them to hold the names of each guest. I hot-glued a little bird into each birdhouse and put each name in the folded wire on top. I wish this photo wasn't crooked!

Here you can get an idea of what the place settings looked like on the table. Unfortunately pieces have been moved but you can get a better idea in the following photo. I found the bird and birdhouse napkins at a yard sale over a year ago and thankfully I still had them. I tied the plastic knife, fork and spoon in each napkin with raffia which sympolized nesting material. I printed, stamped, colored, and edged each poem that welcomed the guests.
Here is a photo of a tablescape complete with a birdhouse as part of the centerpiece. The Mounds candy was part of a game.
The first shower I planned for my daughter had a"Pea in a Pod" theme. This one was a nesting shower theme, and if she has another baby the theme will be pizza and beer!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

California in July, 2009

This is my new favorite picture of my grandson, Brandt, taken after a day at the beach in July, 2009. Apparently he is going to have a bad hair afternoon/night!
I just love this little guy to pieces.

Summer fun 1920's style!

I posted these photos on my Shades of Inspiration group and I thought that I would also blog about them. My mother is on the extreme right (short one with the left arm up) and she, along with her bathing beauty friends, seems to be enjoying the water and some summer fun. She was born in 1914 and she will be 95 years old on September 4.My mother is the first one in this line of pretty ladies relaxing near the water on a hot summer day. I'm guessing this photo was taken in the late 1920's in Rockford, IL.
Goodness gracious!!!! So this was the style and fashion of the 20's....we have come a long way. My mother is in the second row on the right posing with her friends on a hot summer day in northern Illinois. I'm so glad that my mother saved these vintage photos because my grandchildren will have so many visual reminders of their ancestors.