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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well this past week our color assignment for Shades of Inspiration was turquoise. Here are some photos from my contribution to this color.

I bought this beautiful vase at a yard sale for $1.00. It was late in the day and they were closing so I got a real bargain. The gold really sparkles in the light.
This gorgeous Aynsley cup and saucer were found at an estate sale for 50% off. They are in perfect condition.

I've lost my mind.....this time I'm sure of it!

Yesterday I had my husband haul the Halloween/Autumn/Thanksgiving/Harvest stuff in from the garage! I was going to wait until after Labor Day to put the stuff up, but I just couldn't wait. You see, I live in Arizona and lately it has been hot and humid due to our monsoons. The dew point is up so it has been miserable outside! I figured if I put up my Autumn/Halloween/Harvest/Thanksgiving stuff early (very early) then maybe the weather would cool off! Do I sound like a person who has a college degree with a ton of post-graduate hours in education????? I think not!!!! At any rate, I started to decorate the house yesterday, and I finished today. I need help...I know it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ah, our next color for the SHADES OF INSPIRATION challenge is "rust" which is a huge problem for me as I don't like anything rusty! When I was a child, I was with my next door neighbor swinging in her back yard. Her neighbor, Joe, was mowing his yard and hit one of those wicket things that people used to put in a circle around plants, trees, shrubs, etc. The wicket thing went sailing through the air and landed in my leg which hurt like crazy. I pulled it out and went home to put some peroxide on my bleeding wound which I thought would take care of the matter. WRONG! Enter my mother who asked me what I was doing. I told her what happened and she made me march right back to the scene of the accident and bring the gross, rusty wicket thing to her so that she could see it. I thought that was odd but I obeyed and brought the mangled mess back to her. When she saw what had stuck in my leg, she freaked out thus causing me to cry and freak out with Italian family was like that. I ended up at the doctor's office for a shot and some powdery stuff that had to be applied at regular intervals to my leg. The doctor was upset and worried because I had a puncture wound which seemed to make matters worse. I think I was put on an antibiotic as well....that is if they had such things way back in the 50's! At any rate, I survived the ordeal without lockjaw or worse, but I had a round scar on my leg forever. Due to my encounter with that rusty wicket, I won't even touch anything with the slightest evidence of rust. Can anyone say OCD? I know that some people are really into rusty (vintage) chippy things......I'm NOT one of them. I think that I will just have to wait until the next color is posted to participate in the SHADES OF INSPIRATION color challenge. I'm just not into painful memories or anything with rust on it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

SHADES OF INSPIRATION (RED AND WHITE) This is a beautiful Valentine hankie from my collection.

A Pictorial Review cover from September 1932. This is included in the SHADES OF INSPIRATION (RED AND WHITE) week.

My Vogue Ginny doll from the 1950's. She is included in the SHADES OF INSPIRATION (BLUE AND BROWN) theme.

She is an original bent-knee walker with all original clothing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Great Yard Sale Find

I can't believe that I found this fabulous Jim Shore Harvest/Thanksgiving figurine at a yard sale for $1.00 !!!!