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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pink Saturday in muggy AZ

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.  I haven't participated in eons but I found some "pinks" that I wanted to share.   My "pinks" for today sort of follow a doll theme so here we go...............

My first pink is of my granddaughter, Lillian, after her dance recital.  She loves pink so she received a dozen pink roses for her Tiny Tots performance.  She had pink tights and a lot of pink material mixed in with the green on her tutu.

 Another doll......    A Madame Alexander with unbuttoned shoes!  I think that her dress is adorable.

This little doll has a darling pinafore over a pink dress.  She has a very pretty face.

Some pinks in a spare bedroom.  The cupcake was a gift.

A doll dressed in pink holding a doll dressed in blue!

Pink hat and dress

Adorable doll stroller with pink lining and a pink Sunbonnet Sue doll quilt.  I had the Gerber baby doll and found everything else at a sale from Craig's List!!!!!

These flowers are so pretty and delicate-looking.  I found this today at an early morning yard sale.  Not bad for a $1.00

Visit Beverly's blog for more eye-popping pinks.  Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A slight change or a little before and after~

We had about 30 people here for a 4th of July party and we had loads of fun.  However, before the party, my husband and I had to make some changes to the backyard because of some dismal conditions!  Ratty umbrellas and cushions had to be replaced and some plants had to find new homes.  
The cushions on this set had to go and a new umbrella was needed.

I decided on a blue set because it was on sale!  The red checkered tablecloth added to the red, white and blue colors in the house and on the patio.

This umbrella has seen better days.

Chairs and umbrella are from Big Lots.  I was so surprised to find them as I haven't been to a Big Lots in ages.

                           After washing off the patio, I dressed the table for hungry guests.

A new plant and flag

                                                                More plants with flags

                   A new umbrella for the pool...our big lab, Bear, is supervising our handiwork
I'm happy to say that everyone had tons of fun swimming, eating and drinking their favorite beverages.  Now all I have to do is vacuum and mop the floors again and prepare for more people coming over tonight for the leftovers!