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Monday, December 5, 2011

Golf 101

One Saturday in September my son-in-law took my two grandchildren golfing at a local course in Tucson, AZ.  Lillian, almost 2, and Brandt, age 4 had fun learning the finer tips of the game!
Because Joe, my son-in-law, has been golfing since he was 9, he knows what he is doing and he can easily coach people when it comes to the form and technique of the game.  Therefore, he is showing Lillian how to hold a club while Brandt looks on.
Somehow they all made it onto the green and it looks like Brandt is ready to putt. 
Apparently Lillian got bored with the game at one point and started to make up her own rules!
Brandt is normally right-handed but he putts with his left hand.  He has been going with Joe for a few years now and Brandt is developing into quite a golfer!
                                      Hmmmm...where did that ball go?

          Okay, I'll just pick up the ball and put it in the cup!

          Lesson 1 for Lillian is apparently over for now!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


My 2 year old granddaughter is not happy because her father is trying to do her hair!!!  It seems that I am the only one who can comb, brush, and style her hair into "piggies"!

Just give up and let my hair do what it wants to do!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween/Fall "costumes"

I have several Longaberger baskets around my house and each serves a different purpose.  I also have "garters" so I can dress my baskets according to the season!   My first photo shows a basket all dressed up for Halloween with a black garter fabric that inclues bats, stars, ghosts, and pumpkins.  I like the bow that adds to this "costume".
           This basket has a green garter that features purple spiders, webs and candy corn. 
               This corner basket features a beige garter and bow with fall-colored leaves.
 This obviously isn't a basket but it is a cute sign that I bought at Home Goods the day after Halloween.  Can you say..."a $2.00 steal"?

This next basket is invaluable to our household.  It is our "media" basket and it holds the remote to the TV and the ceiling fan.  It also serves as a home for our beverage coasters and a phone when not on a charger.  I really like the bright Halloween colors in the "garter" and the darling harvest tie-on.
My baskets are ready for Halloween and their "costumes" are so cute and festive.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"V" is for Vegetable Invasion

                                             THE VEGETABLE INVASION

                        By Jay 
   (a 6th grader many, many years ago)

   to my sister, Renae...may my spinach
            always end up on her plate

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a race of highly intelligent vegetables existed.  There was no hunger or war on this planet and they lived by the motto "Lettuce Have Peace".

One disastrous day the Seer of the planet, Mr. Potato Head, looked into the future and saw that a huge cheese sauce was going to destroy their entire civilization.  He ran to warn their ruler, Caesar of Salad.
             "Tell everyone that we must evacuate the planet immediately," Caesar cried.
             "But where shall we go?" asked Mr. Corn, who had heard all the chaos.
             "To the planet Earth!" said Mr. Lettuce, who was the head of core intelligence.  "On Earth we will be superior beans!"
So they all climbed into their carrot sticks and flew to Earth just before the giant cheese sauce made vegetable dip of the entire planet.
When they arrived, they found that Mr. Lettuce had been right.  The inhabitants of Earth were infinitely more inferior to the vegetable race.  The humans couldn't see into the future, they had no super-sonic hearing, and the closest thing they had to real intelligence was a Cabbage Patch Doll!

Unfortunately living in a nearby valley was a terrible giant who hated vegetables.  Even as a little giant, he refused to eat his broccoli.  This giant was determined to rid the valley of all the vegetables, so he called together all of his dwarf servants and told them of his plan.  They were to lure the vegetables into the valley by inviting them to the Betty Cracker National Vegetable Bake-Off.  (Little did they know that THEY were the ones to be baked off!)

When the vegetables arrived ready for the contest, the dwarfs led them into the giant's evil lair.  It looked pretty pleasant, but Mrs. Avocado knew something was wrong.
                  "I fear we have fallen into a pit!" she cried and then the door slammed shut.
                  "Ha ha, ha!" came the laugh of the giant.
                  "Somehow I seem to know that laugh," said Mr. Lettuce.  "What color is that giant?"
                  "Why, he's GREEN!" screamed the vegetables.  "We should have known! We're in the valley of the Jolly Green Giant!" they screamed.

As the giant turned the knob of the huge microwave to "Vegetables....well done," the poor creatures began to lose their super powers.  The potato became blind, the corn was deaf, and even the beets lost their rhythm!

Yes, the vegetables were done, but not forgotten.  Their story was passed from generation to generation, down through the ages until even to this day you can find a head of lettuce, an ear of corn and eyes still grow on potatoes.

This was written by a 6th grade student of mine many years ago who assured me that this story was original and not copied.  The clip art is from and came from a "free" clip art link.

I am linking to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday blog for the letter "V".

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"T" is for Transformation

I'm joining Jenny Matlock for Alphabe-Thursday and our assignment for this week is the letter "T".  My granddaughter, Lillian, will be 2 in October so I decided to transform a 30 year old doll cradle that my daughter used when she was little so Lillian can put her "babies" down for a nap!  Lately Lillian has shown a real interest in her baby dolls so this little project seemed like the perfect choice for a transformation.  

This plain white cradle was a gift from my father along with a cute table and chair set that is also white.  The table and chairs are also in need of a transformation but that will have to wait.  At any rate, I never did anything with this doll cradle when my daughter was younger, so it just sat and collected dirt and dust as she got older.

Since Lillian's room decor includes some pink and green, I decided to incorporate those colors (along with a butter yellow) into painting the cradle.

I decided to personalize the doll cradle so I added Lillian's name along with some embellishments that I found at Michael's.

I also added the word "baby" because Lillian uses it so often in her vocabulary.  She takes her "babies" for walks around the house, and now she will have a place for them to go "night-night" while she takes a nap!

The trim at the bottom of the cradle is actually duct tape in a new snazzy design!

I'm not crazy about this side of the cradle and I wish I was more creative in using the self-adhesive embellishments.  I'm the type of person that has to see something and "borrow" ideas...I just can't seem to create on my own!

Please visit Jenny's blog and enjoy the "T" posts from other participants.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

R is for Recipes and Memories

The whole idea of doing a book of recipes came to me when I came across so many of my mother's handwritten recipes.  A friend of mine, Cindy, was looking through my mother's notebooks, vintage recipe books, and handwritten notes and suggested that I keep them in a book.  I selected only a few pages of what is contained in the Recipes and Memories book to share in this post.  I hope that you enjoy my narrative pages (a trip down 50's memory lane), the scanned vintage photos, and the recipes.  You really should click each photo to enlarge so you can read and see the detail on each page. I'm joining Jenny Matlock's blog for Alphabe-Thursday and the letter "R".

                                        The Dedication Page to my mother and grandmothers.

      Four pages of childhood memories of our kitchen, family get-togethers, tons of food and love.

                                                               Some Italian recipes

                                          A staple in almost every kitchen~~~~~The Apron!
                                My mother's tattered grandmother may have worn it too.
                                                      So many happy photo memories

I really want my grandchildren to know part of their heritage and what it was like for me to grow up in the 50's, therefore, you can see the two children at the bottom of this last page.  This is not the last page in the memory book but it is the last page of this post.  I have 3 more typed pages for my grandchildren and a page that I have handwritten to them.  I hope that when they are older, all of this will make sense and they will treasure my memories as I have.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

P is for purge and plates

I'm joining Jenny Matlock this week at Alphabe-Thursday for the letter "P".  Before I continue, you must realize that I'm home with our two dogs while my husband is in Tucson and, due to a dust storm and rain, our cable is out!  That happened Sunday evening and Direct TV won't be here to fix the cable until Thursday morning!!!!  With that said, I'm going to share with you some things I've done out of sheer boredom!

I've been meaning to clean the china hutch in my dining room but somehow I never found time...until now.  I looked at the contents of the hutch (way too much clutter) so I decided to purge and replace the contents with my mother's set of china.  Maybe I'm being very melancholy right now along with bored because in a few weeks it will be the first anniversary of my mother's passing.  At any rate, I took everything out of the cluttered hutch and started anew.

You can see the clutter behind some Easter decor.  I had plates, two sets of glasses and miscellaneous cups and saucers from garage sales all packed into the hutch.

After the purge, you can see my mom's china and some meaningful memorabilia on the shelves.

                                             A close-up of her dainty pink floral pattern.
 Now for the mess in the kitchen cupboard that held my wine glasses and everyday drinking glasses.  Another purge was in order.................

Now for the cupboard that held the dishes we got for our wedding 33 years ago!!!  I think it is time to move on and use the dishes that were in my china hutch so......during the purge
The whole wheat pattern on the Mikasa plates that we registered for before our wedding in long ago~~~~~

                                  The plates that will now be used everyday

                                                      During the hutch purge

                Bright, shiny glasses ready for a new home in the kitchen cupboard.
 I found this cow creamer while I was cleaning/purging.  It is old as I believe my mom acquired it while we were living in IL.  My mom used to put milk in the cow and my daughter (now 31) would drink the milk out of the bucket that goes with the cow.
                    I also found these two egg cups that my mother had for many years.
This purge proved interesting as I also found this vintage pitcher with glasses that my mother brought with us when we moved to AZ in 1962.  I'm sure that she had it for many years before that.
Oh, the memories!!!  I remember eating my cereal out of these bowls when I was a little girl living in IL.  The design is so pretty.
I also found these plates that my mom saved.  My parents got married in 1943 so I'm sure that these plates were purchased before or shortly after their marriage.  Hmmmm...68 years old!

                My mom's bowls from IL.  Again these are probably close to 68 years old!

Now what????  I have the old Mikasa wheat pattern plates and cups from 1978 when I got married, and a very nice Noritake dinnerware set that we purchased years ago....why I don't know!!!!  The Noritake set was on a shelf above the Mikasa wheat set that we used everyday.  For the life of me, I can't figure out what made us buy that Noritake dinnerware set!

Maybe I'll sell the Mikasa wheats on ebay and save the Noritake set.  So with all the purging...I'm really only getting rid of one set of dishes!!!!!