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Monday, March 28, 2011

Yard Sales and Treasure Hunts

Every Saturday morning I visit yard sales and/or estate sales in my area.  I go alone (except I sometimes take our Labrador, Bear) because I have a system and I don't want to wait while a companion leisurely browses all the goodies for sale.  I quickly look over the merchandise and I make split second decisions.  Time is of the essence and I move on if nothing catches my eye.  Bear sits in the back seat with his head out the window and 95% of the time people ask me if they can pet him.  I always say "yes" because Bear is very friendly and loves people.  Little kids get a kick out of Bear as he slobbers kisses on them!! 

Bear is such a baby that he won't even look at the camera because he is afraid of the light that comes on when I'm ready to take a picture!!!!!!!!!!

Every single thing in this photo is from a yard sale except the two pictures of my grandchildren!  The frames, the corbel and the cute illustration of a baby gown with a precious inscription, were all purchased for next to nothing over the past few months.

 I've blogged about this entry table before but not about the things on it.  I found the birdcage and the pear at a yard sale, and the finial at an estate sale.    

Here is a close-up of the finial and the pear.

Easter goodies
The cloche is from an estate sale, the ribbon is from a yard sale, the hanging eggs and the pink rabbit in front are from yard sales, the letter "F" is from Hobby Lobby, the black egg was free and the pear is from a yard sale.
The "Recipe for Friendship" was purchased from Cracker Barrel while the pink vase was recently purchased from a neighbor's yard sale.
For some reason I was drawn to this as I've never seen a pink hob-nail like this.
Darling rabbits from a yard sale.

This little writing desk was given to me because I did a favor for a friend.  I'm still not sure what I should do with it or where I should put it!
These two rabbits were rescued from a box of discarded Easter stuff!!!  One man's trash......
Cute little rabbit ready for Easter.  She came home with me from a yard sale.
This darling table, the finial and the oval frame were purchased at an estate sale.  The pink bunny is from a yard sale.
A close-up of the table and the other goodies.

This whole yard sale/estate sale thing has become an addiction but I love it.  I can't explain the "thrill of the hunt" mentality; I just know that I thoroughly enjoy it!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's??????

A few weeks ago my friend, Debbie, invited my husband and me to her house for an informal breakfast.  She asked what I might want and I told her "...pancakes and coffee will be fine."  My husband and I walked into Debbie's house and we were greeted by people visiting from Wisconsin, Debbie's brother and sister, their respective spouses, their children, Debbie, her husband and their two children.  I was surprised but I was also happy to see Debbie's family again and meet the visitors from WI.  I was also shocked by all of the food!  Debbie's "informal breakfast" consisted of:

Orange juice
Bottled water
Waffles galore!
Warm blueberry syrup
Chicken quiche
Vegetarian quiche
Chocolate-covered strawberries

Sliced turkey sausage
Ham slices
French pastry
Fried potatoes

(Debbie is in the background dressed in red)
(Wisconsin visitors in foreground)

there wasn't a pancake in sight!!!!!!!