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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"S" is for a spider, a scorpion and STUFF

Welcome to another edition of Alphabe-Thursday compliments of our teacher and fearless leader, Mrs. Matlock. Join other students for an adventure with the letter "S".

The whole spider/scorpion thing started when we moved to Arizona when I was 14 years old. I came from Illinois so the desert was completely foreign to me. I just knew that everything (animal) that lived in the Arizona Sonoran desert was poisonous (or so I thought) especially spiders and scorpions so I was really fearful of both. Therefore, you can imagine my shock when I saw a spider crawling up my leg while I was taking a shower one night! EEEK! I quickly finished my shower, dried my hair, put on my pajamas and went to bed. I waited all night to die from this horrible spider that had been on my leg but nothing happened. Lesson #1...not all Arizona spiders are poisonous...just two. Beware of the black widow and the brown recluse both of which can deliver a nasty, painful bite and sometimes death depending on the circumstances.

Another night as I was walking on a friend's driveway I happened to look down and I saw a scorpion the size of a lobster on steroids walking next to my foot! EEEK! again. My screams were heard in Australia. Lesson #2...there are many types of scorpions in Arizona and only a few pack a wallop. Beware of the small bark scorpion although any scorpion sting can cause pain. The bark scorpion is very dangerous especially to small children.

Now for the more enjoyable "stuff" with photos

This first "S" photo is of two hankies that my mother has. Since her name is Sarah, these hankies have S's on them.

This photo is of my grandson playing in the California sand. I just love his little footprints leading away from the ocean.
This photo is from a 1932 ad. I think her face is so pretty.
Two sweet friends sharing a silly secret
My Shea doll dressed for a party
Shoes, shoes and more shoes from a 1931 ad
My mother knit these darling skates many, many years ago
My grandson is sound asleep after drinking his milk, eating a snack and watching TV. Typical behavior for a man in training.

An 1894 ad for a spool of thread
Gale Storm paper dolls from a bygone era
Such a sweet face on an Avon bell
Two sweet stuffed and one a baby planter
Sweet, tattered and torn doll from an estate sale
Sweetness answer to Hormone Replacement Therapy

I hope that you enjoyed your "S" journey with me and please visit my classmates on Mrs. Matlock's link.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"R" is for mostly Red vintage items

Welcome to another session of Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by the letter "R".
Mrs. Matlock has really cracked the whip, and she expects our best "R" papers this week.

When I thought of the letter "R" the color red naturally came to me, but I didn't expect so many of my vintage items to be red as well.

This first photo is of a red and white apron that I made in 7th or 8th grade when I lived in Illinois. I was in 7th grade from 1960-61 and 8th grade from 1961-62 so this apron qualifies as "vintage"! I sewed the apron and even did the cross-stitching on it. The word "mom" is stitched on the pocket.
My next photo is of a Shirley Temple doll that I have. She is a reproduction so she isn't old but her clothing and shoes are certainly in the red category.
This Christmas bird is a favorite of mine because it is shiny, red and very pretty.
Of course I had to include red nail polish and my red cell phone. Where would I be without them?????
Back to vintage red things with my childhood "record house" and a red record! Does anyone remember red records? Wow...three "r's" in a row!
I believe that these are Little Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shakers from the 40's or 50's. My mother always had these in the kitchen and I'm happy that she brought these to Arizona when we moved here in 1962. I now have them in my kitchen cupboard for everyone to see.
This is a close-up of my daughter's bridal bouquet. I just love stargazer lilies and red roses!
Being Italian I had to include pasta and sugo (sauce). I hate to cook but my husband makes wonderful sauce even if he doesn't follow my mom's old recipe.
Here is photo of vintage cake decorations. My mother saved these and I just really enjoy seeing the girls and their old red record player.
My mother and grandmother would knit and crochet quite a bit so I'm not sure who made the outfit on the right for my Vogue Jill doll. The doll clothing on the left is vintage clothing from the 50's for my Jill doll.
Several years ago when I was still teaching, some of my colleagues and I would get together for a painting/craft session. We enjoyed ourselves and looked forward to these "theraputic" get-togethers! I made these red watermelon pieces complete with the ant, raffia and red ribbon.

I hope that you enjoyed your red visit today and please take the time to visit other students in Mrs. Matlock's class. This post is linked back to Alphabe-Thursday for the letter "R".

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Q" is for taking a break

I'm not participating this week in Alphabe-Thursday because I'm in Tucson celebrating my birthday. I've had a glorious time with my family and I'm more in love with my grandchildren than ever before if that's possible! We have had so much fun together and my grandson, Brandt, couldn't wait to say, "Happy birthday, Nana, happy birthday, Nana, I have a surprise for you". He met me at the door with a lovely gift that I will treasure forever. I will take a picture of it and post it in another blog. Today is my birthday and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Tonight we will celebrate with a birthday cake and I will have Brandt blow out the candles. I'm so happy. I will return next week for the letter "R".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"P" is for Plethora....of "P" things!

My "P" post this week includes a plethora of "P" things. I stayed on the "P" topic, Mrs. Matlock, but my "P" ideas are so abundant...hence the word "plethora".

My first photo is of Patsy Joan an Effanbee doll that I won at a doll show in Phoenix several years ago. Since I don't display all my dolls anymore, she is safely tucked away in her box and she has never been played with.
This is a photo of a doll that was naked when I bought her. I asked my mother if she could make a dress for this doll and this is what she came up with. My mom even added two strands of pearls on the pink dress, and gave the doll a flower to hold!
This photo is of an American Character Tiny Tears doll from the 1950's. I played with this doll a lot and dearly loved her. All of her pink clothing is original except for her shoes and socks.
This pink vignette was in my former house. I have since packed most of the items away but I wanted to include the photo because of the predominant pink colors.
Mrs. Matlock, do I get extra credit for a triple "P" entry for these Patti Page paper dolls?
The following photo shows one of my favorite childhood pastimes...building with my plastic bricks. My cousins and I spent hours building houses or other structures with these wonderful interlocking bricks. These are definitely from the 50's. Does anyone remember them?
Pumpkin bling!
A 1942 Philip Morris cigarette ad promising "Inhaling needn't worry your throat"! Maybe not but inhaling would really take a toll on your lungs!
This 1932 Pictorial Review cover is so colorful.
I really like this October, 1927, Priscilla magazine cover.
I found these Paula Deen dinner plates on a Craig's List posting. I now have 8 dinner plates, 8 salad/dessert plates, and 10 cups by Paula Deen for our Christmas celebration.
This is a photo of one of my mom's vintage hankies with pretty pink flowers.
I remember these two pink containers from my childhood. They were in our bathroom in the 1950's.
My mom's vintage pink jewelry box. She has about 3 jewelry boxes in her dresser and I'm glad that she kept this one from the 50's.
Finally I have a photo of a pink poodle that I bought at a friend's yard sale. Maybe my baby granddaughter can play with it someday.
This concludes my "P" post for Alphabe-Thursday. Visit other students who submitted "P" papers to our teacher, Mrs. Matlock, and please have a wonderful day.