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Thursday, July 24, 2008

West Side Story remembered

A few nights ago I happened to channel surf right to a station that was about to show West Side Story. I have seen this musical many times but this time I felt strangely nostalgic while watching this classic movie with all of its wonderful dancing and singing. I particularly felt sad when Maria and Tony (Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer) were "singing" the moving Tonight on the balcony. I remember really liking Maria's lavender robe/housecoat and wanting one just like it. Of course my mother obliged me and I ended up with what I was sure was an exact duplicate of the robe that Natalie Wood was wearing in those scenes. I wore the robe forever and remembered the song and scenes attached to it. Ironically my 93 year old mother was sitting on her chair watching the movie with me. I glanced at her and said, "Thanks, Mom" but I'm sure she didn't hear me. Oh, the memories of such a warm and content time in my life when I was so naive wrapped in the comfort and security that my parents so selflessly provided! Thanks again, Mom and Dad.


Leah C said...

Thanks for sharing your six-word "memoirs" with me:) Nice to see someone else appreciates a good musical, too!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

What wonderful memories, I remember wanting a robe like that too! Your such a lucky one to have mom sitting by your side watching old classics like that, cherish it.