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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here is a beautiful picture of my mother taken sometime in her 20's. She will be 94 on Sept 4, and we happily share our home with her. This is for SHADES OF INSPIRATION (PLUM).My mother always dressed very fashionably and I've always really liked this picture of her. I love the way she matched her hat and gloves with the suit. The watch pinned to the left side of her chest is the watch worn by my grandmother for her wedding in 1913, by my mother for her wedding in 1943, by me for my wedding in 1978, and by my daughter for her wedding in 2006.


Linda said...

What a lovely photo of your mom...that hat is perfection with flowers on top! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

kayellen said...

I love hearing about family traditions and how you share something with each generation.

Such a lovely watch pin...and it holds so many memories.
Happy Birthday to your mom!

Thankyou for sharing:)


Linda said...

What a gorgeous photo of your mother! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!