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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

Welcome to Friday's Favorite Family Foto hosted by Deborah. Click on the Foto button in the right sidebar to view other wonderful family photos.

This first photo is of my daughter, Karen, on her wedding day. She got dressed in a room at the Ritz Carlton where the reception was held, and in this photo she is looking out the window waiting for the limousine to take her to the chapel. She is so relaxed and happy.

This next photo is of my grandson, Brandt, getting ready for an Easter egg hunt.

Brandt is forever exploring his surroundings! Here he is checking out the rocks in the planter.
Brandt loves playing with the hose and pouring water all over the place. In this photo his hair is wet and he has a snotty nose. Doesn't get any better than this for summer fun.
Visit other participants who are sharing their photos and have a wonderful weekend.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

You have a beautiful Daughter and your GS is just adorable.

Diane said...

Your daughter is simply lovely and that little grandson is just too precious for words!!! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pictures with us.

Many hugs.........


Sherrie said...

Beautiful bride!!! Adorable Grandson!! He looks like he has lots of energy! Have a great day!!


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

I posted a snot picture today too! Ha! Your daughter looked absolutely beautiful! A calm bride? Wow! She must have known what she was doing! Your grandson is such a cutie!


Sue said...

Your daughter DOES look relaxed. OMG, that little boy is too cute. He kind of reminds me of my son when he as that age, now he's 25, where does the time go?
Take care, Sue

Jeanne said...

Oh, what a lovely photo of your daughter on her wedding day. A treasured photo and a loving memory.
Now for that little cutie looking for eggs. My goodness he is too pretty to be a boy. BIG smile. We have been saying that about our GS and he is 'all' boy in every action and word.
I bet Brandt is too.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos today.


Montee said...

Beautiful pictures. Your daughter's wedding gown is gorgeous.

~Deborah~ said...

I don't usually hear relaxed and bride in the same sentence! But, your daughter does look relaxed and beautiful.

Looks like your grandson is all boy! I love that handsome photo of him getting ready for the egg hunt.

Sheila T said...

What beautiful photos of your daughter and your grandson! Happy Friday!