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Monday, November 9, 2009

My ______is bigger than your __________.

Colleen at Crazy Little Psychos
is having a contest called My_______is bigger than your ________. Go check out her blog for shopping tips, restaurant critiques, general cool stuff, and the adventures and sometime misadventures of her family. Her children are darling and quite comical at times.

For her contest I've decided to display a small sampling of my stash of greeting cards. I always have extra cards on hand because you never know when you will need one for an occasion and not have enough time to run to the store to buy one.

I have greeting cards for every occasion, but my very favorites are the Bunnies by the Bay. These cards are so precious with delicate pastel colors and delightful darling bunnies sharing the cutest sentiments. I bought them on eBay and they have saved me many times in last minute crunches to get to a party with a card and gift in tow.

More cards to choose from~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I buy cards at yard sales sometimes with various characters on the front cover~~~~~~~~~~~~
And I have some greeting cards that I made in a class.
If I took photos of all of the cards that I have, I would be doing it most of the day so I just grabbed a few. I guess I could say "My stash of greeting cards is bigger than your stash of cards."
Don't forget to visit Colleen's blog, Crazy Little Psychos for some smiles, laughs, and smart shopper ideas.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

OK, between all the treasures you have on here on Pink Saturdays and these greeting cards, I am beginning to think you must live in a mansion! I LOVE IT! How very creative!!!