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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. My new year will be filled with joy and a whole lot of love because of my baby granddaughter, Lillian Sarah and her precious brother, Brandt Joseph.

Lillian modeled some of her new Christmas gifts for the family while Brandt entertained himself with his new electric train. Lillian is just 10 weeks old and she already has a closet full of the most adorable outfits any little girl could dream of. Brandt, on the other hand, is all boy and plays with his new electric train, his new bicycle (with training wheels), his cars, his wooden Thomas the train set, his new scooter, and a bazillion other things that routinely find their way out of his room and clutter the rest of the house. My daughter posted a "wish/need list" and, along with a housecleaning service, she wants the people from "Mission Organization" to stop by her house to work some of their magic!

~~~~~~Happy New Year~~~~~~


Colleen said...

Happy New Year to you!!!! Your grandkids are DARLING, and I love the picture of her modeling her new outfit!

Darna said...

Looks like you are goin to have a fantastic year!

Connie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, sugar! I can make you a birdhouse if you want. I can promise you won't be disappointed. Get in touch with me by my email on the side bar.

You've got a darling granddaughter! Well, actually they're both darling but babies are sooooo much more fun because you can kiss their little cheeks off and they can't do a thing. Here cheeks sure are rosy! I am soooo looking forward to our first great grandchild in May. Squeeeeeeal......