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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Resemblance or not? That is the question!

Recently my daughter asked me to post pictures of myself as a baby because she thinks that my granddaughter looks a little like me! Here are some photos of me, my daughter, and my granddaughter taken when we were all about the same age to see if there is a resemblance from one generation to another.

Here is a photo of my grandma, Rose, bathing me in a tub on top of our old kitchen table. This photo was taken when we lived in an upstairs apartment behind my grandparents.

This next photo must have been taken after my bath.

Here is a photo of my daughter, Karen, when she was about 3 months old. She and I seem to have the same hairline.
Karen showing off her chubby cheeks while posing on her belly.

Baby, Lillian Sarah, with the same hairline and very chubby cheeks.

Baby Lillian modeling a cute vest which was part of a Christmas gift.

I'm not sure I see much of a resemblance but my daughter and a friend think that Lillian resembles me. Hmmmm....I'm not convinced!


Colleen said...

UM YES! The picture of you in the bathtub, you guys could be twins! Karen and Brandt look more alike as babies!! Then there is the whole other side of the family, Joe, but it is never about the dad is it?? :-)

Amy said...

OMG...looks like triplets to me!