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Thursday, March 11, 2010

"H" is a pet peeve and a lot more!

Welcome to another Alphabe-Thursday hosted by our teacher, Mrs. Matlock. She is a no-nonsense teacher who expects the very best from her participating pupils and her class seems to be growing in popularity each week. This week our assignment is the letter "H".

I remember years ago when I was in college, I was asked to make a list of my pet peeves and one came to my mind instantly. This pet peeve has been with me all these years...I can't stand hard butter!
It makes me crazy to try to spread hard butter on anything. Bread shreds and crackers crumble! In fact the only one who ever uses real butter in our house is my husband. I mainly use Smart Balance
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
I hate hard butter!

One of my favorite things that starts with "H" is this lovely pink rose heart that adorns the green wardrobe from last week's post.
I really like hankies and I have a bazillion of them. The following photos are just 3 samples that I hurriedly picked out from my flickr list.

I think that I found this hanger at a yard sale but I can't be sure. Maybe I found it at an antique memory brain cells seem to be flying out of my head at a very rapid rate lately!
These hangers definitely came from an estate sale...I like the bows and the colors on them.
More hangers from another estate sale. I'm a sucker for polka dots and I like the color combination on these hangers.
This baptismal gown is an heirloom dating from 1914. My mother was baptized in this gown in 1914, I was baptized in it in 1948, my daughter in 1980 and my grandson in 2007. I hope that my daughter has my granddaughter, Lillian Sarah, baptized soon or Lily won't fit in this gown! The story goes that a relative of my grandmother made this gown for my mother right after her birth in 1914. My mom made the slip under the gown from her wedding slip, and she bought the hat for me when I was baptized.
These are the heirloom shoes that my mother bought for me to be baptized in. Of course they have been used on my daughter, my grandson and they will be used by my granddaughter.
This heirloom watch has been in our family since my grandmother got married in 1913. It has a chain and has been worn by my mother in 1943, me in 1978, and my daughter in 2006. This photo shows the watch in my mother's hand as she prepared to pin it to my daughter's wedding gown. I have photos of all of us wearing this heirloom at our respective weddings. Hopefully my granddaughter will want to carry on the sentiment and tradition of this heirloom when she gets married. Time will tell as she is only 4 months old!!!!
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Julie Schuler said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful heirlooms. I love the christening gown. Also, I use Country Crock, too, because I like to be able to spread freely.

Red Couch Recipes said...

I loved looking at your beautiful heirlooms, especially the baptism gown and shoes...the hankies too. Unlike you I love hard butter! My mother used to store butter outside of the fridge and I didn't like it soft! Joni

Viki said...

I love looking at all your H words. A lot of lovely things. I know what you mean about hard butter too. I hate it LOL.

Jackie said...

I love the hangers! It's a good word . Clothes always need to be hung up on hangers!

laterg8r said...

i love all those beautiful hanky's :D

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

You have some wonderful sentimental things. I enjoyed your post.

Jo said...

oh what wonderful heirlooms! I am a fan of hard butter ... especially on warm scones or muffins or fresh out of the oven bread.

Catherine said...

Love the hangers and the lovely heirlooms :) .

MrsJenB said...

What a beautiful story about the christening gown! My Babci bought mine, and my three siblings wore it as well. I hope I get to use it soon...very soon! I just love precious things like that, and how they get passed down.

Your butter peeve had me laughing out loud because that's a huuuuge pet peeve for my husband!

Brenda said...

Wow you have a lot of H's this week! I love the hangers and I also have some hankies. Hoping to incorporate them into a quilt one day.

Patti said...

How wonderful to Have Heirloom's like those...beautiful~!!

Jenny said...

What Happy treasures you have shared this week.

We have very similar tastes...and the polka dot hangers just made me smile!

As for hard butter I also like it soft...however, my granddaughters (and previously their DAd) have been known to actually get a stick of butter out of the fridge and chew on it.

I used to punish my son for doing it but he persisted if he could get to it...and now his middle daughter will do the same thing.


Thanks for a Happy H post!


mrs. c said...

what a lovely collection of beautiful items. It was such a joy for you to share.

Steph said...

I share your pet peeve, but I also adore butter. I love all your ladylike, gorgeous hankies and beautiful heirlooms. How terribly special the lovely things that also tell our family stories.

Sarah said...

Beautiful posts for the letter h. Love seeing the hankies, but the heirloom gown and booties are the best. How special to have this in your family and passed through the generations. Thank you for sharing this!

thasnifty said...

oh so many lovelies! I love love love the hankies, christening gown, and the watch! fabulous pretties with even better stories. You are blessed. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so glad I found your blog. I'll be sure to visit again :)

-brightest blessings-