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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"S" is for a spider, a scorpion and STUFF

Welcome to another edition of Alphabe-Thursday compliments of our teacher and fearless leader, Mrs. Matlock. Join other students for an adventure with the letter "S".

The whole spider/scorpion thing started when we moved to Arizona when I was 14 years old. I came from Illinois so the desert was completely foreign to me. I just knew that everything (animal) that lived in the Arizona Sonoran desert was poisonous (or so I thought) especially spiders and scorpions so I was really fearful of both. Therefore, you can imagine my shock when I saw a spider crawling up my leg while I was taking a shower one night! EEEK! I quickly finished my shower, dried my hair, put on my pajamas and went to bed. I waited all night to die from this horrible spider that had been on my leg but nothing happened. Lesson #1...not all Arizona spiders are poisonous...just two. Beware of the black widow and the brown recluse both of which can deliver a nasty, painful bite and sometimes death depending on the circumstances.

Another night as I was walking on a friend's driveway I happened to look down and I saw a scorpion the size of a lobster on steroids walking next to my foot! EEEK! again. My screams were heard in Australia. Lesson #2...there are many types of scorpions in Arizona and only a few pack a wallop. Beware of the small bark scorpion although any scorpion sting can cause pain. The bark scorpion is very dangerous especially to small children.

Now for the more enjoyable "stuff" with photos

This first "S" photo is of two hankies that my mother has. Since her name is Sarah, these hankies have S's on them.

This photo is of my grandson playing in the California sand. I just love his little footprints leading away from the ocean.
This photo is from a 1932 ad. I think her face is so pretty.
Two sweet friends sharing a silly secret
My Shea doll dressed for a party
Shoes, shoes and more shoes from a 1931 ad
My mother knit these darling skates many, many years ago
My grandson is sound asleep after drinking his milk, eating a snack and watching TV. Typical behavior for a man in training.

An 1894 ad for a spool of thread
Gale Storm paper dolls from a bygone era
Such a sweet face on an Avon bell
Two sweet stuffed and one a baby planter
Sweet, tattered and torn doll from an estate sale
Sweetness answer to Hormone Replacement Therapy

I hope that you enjoyed your "S" journey with me and please visit my classmates on Mrs. Matlock's link.
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Linda said...

What a fun S post!

Tracy said...

That was good I HATE Spiders and sat with my feet pulled up as I read your account. LOL
So sorry I did not visit last week but have just read your R blog as well loved it . My fav pic is man in training that must be kept for his 18th birthday or to show future wife and serious girlfriends if you dont approve. lol

My name is PJ. said...

Comprehensive S post. My favorite were the friends sharing a sweet secret. Precious!

Maggie B said...

A great S post, especially the HRT alternative. Where do I get a prescription for that??

Cheryl said...

I was really hoping for pictures of the spiders and scorpions ~ I'm weird that way. Loved your description of the scorpion on steroids!

If you own all that stuff in the pictures, you may be related to my sister-on-law. I swear.

Jacque said...

Good Morning...that was a great S post. We have black widows and brown recluses all in and around this farmhouse! I know your pain...LOL

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company!

Have a great weekend!

laterg8r said...

i would have lost my mind if a spider crawled up my leg in the shower! and then i would have had to move :D

Tina said...

Great collection of S's! I love the two friends whispering the best. Thanks for stopping by at Life is Good.

mrs. c said...

I am not fond of spiders either! I love your story, I could jusst see me lying in the bed waiting for my leg to sweel up and fall off! What a wonderful assorment of photos, you a one clever lady! Thanks for sharing with all your blog buddies!

Mumsy said...

Spiders and scorpions give me the eeewk' effect too. Very enjoyable post with so many wonderful photos!

Viki said...

I don't I could live there with the poisonous spiders and scorpions Yikes!! I would have been going to the ER if I had that spider on my leg LOL. Loved all your S pictures. Great post.

H said...

We don't have big poisonous spiders in England, so I've never been bothered by arachnids.

Scorpions are a different matter. Just the way they look is creepy enough, without a big scary sting attached. Shudder!

Jenny said...

What a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "S"!

That lamb planter is adorable. The grands are adorable. The spiders are not adorable.


You know those nasty little scorpions? I stepped on one of those about 8 years back. Good gravy. That was some incredible pain.

Thanks for adding your special voice to Alphabe-Thursday each week! You really help make this meme very special!


Nadeen said...

Such a vintage post! I love it. The man in training is a classic and so true.

As for the scorpions and spiders. EEEK is too mild.

Julie Schuler said...

Something bit me last week, and I think it was a spider. So I've been squashing every but I've seen since then. I used to be a live and let live sort of girl, but no more!
I love the man in training pic, too.

Jo said...

okay, now i know i am never going to arizona .... eeeeks .... too scary ... well except for the wonderful sun ... I loved the other S's!

jen said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today.
I live here in AZ, and last night I was putting my 7 month old baby to bed, and I saw a scorpion on the wall by her crib! I was NOT pleased. Luckily scorpions are slow. EWWW.

Catherine said...

Some sweet S things in your post!
:) ... well not the spider and the scorpion ;) .

Terra said...

Spiders scorpians and stuff make my tummy roll...but that pic of your grandson in the sand was AWESOME

Christy said...

What a great S post - glad to know not all scorpions and spiders are deadly!

Mimi said...

I have lived here my entire life, except the first 4 months of it, I was bit by a black widow when I was a child, although MOST PAINFUL< I still recall the pain and the experience at the ER, back then the ER was one large room and a little mexican boy drowned that day, and his family would come and go screaming and crying in spanish, I did not understand one word, but understood their pain of loss.
Now on to the scorpion, my hubby got 5 bites from the same scorpion that crawled up his shirt and lived there til he put it one one day!!!!3 bites on the back and 2 on his hand when he reached up to see what just bit hi, being biten that many times, he went numb, so off tot he er we went. He was tingling for 3 days!!!!
Not fun!!!!!
loved all your S pics!!!!!
Great stories too!!!!

Anonymous said...


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What awesome finds! I especially love the TURQUOISE vase you were able to find for a dollar! Wow! What a buy!!!

Jingle said...

gorgeous items,
u rock!