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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Wedding Wonders!

I recently made a trip back to Rockford, IL, to attend a family reunion, and pick up some bedroom furniture that my mother bought for her parents in the 1930's.  While I was visiting, my cousin, Linda, gave me several photo albums/scrapbooks to take home because she didn't want them.  I'm not sure that Linda really looked through all the albums before handing them to me because several of the scrapbooks contained old family photos and pictures specific to her and her parents!  At any rate, I finally started to look at the scrapbooks and I found some pretty interesting vintage wedding photos of family members or family friends.  I can identify some of the people, but not all as I wasn' even born when some of the pictures were taken!  However, the vintage wedding fashions are very interesting!  Click on photos for clarity and more bridal detail.

This first photo is of Albert and Janet Libratori who were very close friends with my aunt and uncle.

 I really don't have a clue who these people are!  Apparently someone in the family knew them as they are included in the scrapbook!

This photo is very old indeed.  The fashions are quite interesting and the bouquets are huge!

I finally recognize my great-uncle Joe and his bride, Ginny.  Joe was my grandmother's brother.

Oh brother!  Who are these people?

My Uncle Pat is the little ring-bearer in the front row.  Boy is this photo old!

Not a clue!  Some of the ladies don't look too happy in the photo.  The little girl next to the bride looks darling in her short, short dress and hat!

This bridesmaid is very pretty...too bad I can't identify her!

My mom's cousin, Madeline, is the bride.  Madeline's sister, Stella is second from the right.

My mom and dad on their wedding day in 1943.  My mom's cousin, Stella is her bridesmaid and my dad's brother, Nick, is the best man.

 Uncle Alex, my mom's brother, and his bride, my Aunt Kate.  They were married in the late 30's or very early 40's.

Uncle Pete, my mom's other brother, and his bride, my Aunt Lee.  They were married in the late 30's.

My Uncle Alex, my mom's brother, is second from the left.

I really wish that I could identify someone in this photo but I can't.

At last we have my Aunt Lad, Linda's mom, on her wedding day in the very early 50's.

It was so interesting going through the scrapbook because I marveled at the fashions of the day.  The bouquets are beautiful and bountiful unlike the bouquets of today. The scrapbook pages are very old and brittle and I now have pieces all over the floor and my scanner.  I'm glad that Linda gave me the albums/scrapbooks because I now have even more memories of my family to cherish.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What an amazing treasure you have there!! Too bad you don't know everyone in it though... I had the same problem when my folks gave me all their old photos!!

EllenaElizabeth said...

I just LOVE old photos and I don't care whose they are, they're so fascinating to me. I particularly love the the 3rd photo of the 1920's wedding. It's wonderful!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Happy Pink Saturday! What amazing vintage photographs! It is so much fun to see what weddings were like!

Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me today!


mrs. c said...

I adore vintage photos and especially when you know the history behind them. thank you so much for sharing them with me! I appreciate your remarks and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Jenny said...

What gorgeous photos. Such neat fashions...and weren't those bouquets extravagant?!?