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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'll NEVER forget!!!!!!!!!

I'll NEVER forget that morning. I was getting ready for another day of teaching 5th graders when Matt Lauer mentioned that a plane hit one tower of the World Trade Center. I thought to myself that it was odd for a pilot to "fall asleep at the wheel" and not see such a massive structure. Of course I was thinking that a small plane hit the tower like the one that hit the Empire State Building back in 1945! Little did I know! I kept listening to the news and realized something was horribly wrong when the second plane hit. A friend from school called me to ask if I was watching the news and my exact words to her were, "Is our country under siege?" How prophetic! When I got to school, our principal hastily called a meeting and told us not to have our classroom televisions on while the kids were in the room. I walked back to my classroom in a questioning daze and proceeded to watch the first tower plunge to the ground. Another teacher and I stood in stunned silence and then the bell rang. Throughout the day, we all kept each other informed of the latest news via emails...only watching TV when the kids weren't in the room. I'm sure that I tried to calm my students and carry on as if it were a normal day but we all knew that it wasn't. When I got home that afternoon, my family watched TV non-stop for the latest tragic updates. So many questions...few disbelief!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful post ... that day will live in our memories forever .....