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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

Welcome to another glimpse into Friday's Favorite Family Foto. Thank you, Deborah, once again for hosting this and thanks to all the wonderful ladies who participate and leave such lovely comments.
The first picture is of my mother standing on a stump (why I don't know) wearing some funky striped stockings!! I don't know how old she is and I don't know what she is looking at but I love her coat and hat!
This next photo is of my mother (standing) serving as godmother to someone I can't identify. The girl seated made her Confirmation and asked my mother to be her godmother. I really like the hairstyles and dresses in this photo.
This next framed photo is of my mother standing on the chair but I'm not sure of her age. The older lady in the picture is my great-grandmother....probably the one who kept my mother alive when she was born by placing her next to the oven and using it as an incubator. The other child in the photo is my mother's cousin, Francis.

Here is another framed photo of my parents as stylish as ever.

I know nothing about this next photo except that it is of my grandma Rose (second from the right) when she was a teenager around 191o-1913.

I've looked over all the photos that I've posted since I started participating in this group about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I realize that almost all of them are very vintage. I really should start posting photos that are more current like pictures of my daughter's wedding from 2006 and photos of my precious grandson.
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend.


Joy said...

I can't get enough of vintage photos - keep 'em coming! Your mother was a snappy dresser. :o)

August Rose said...

I like the clothing in the pictures. I don't know about posting newer pictures. These are great and with more style and history.

splummer said...

Your mother is a beautiful woman! Love that first photo of her standing on the stump. Love the hat! Have a great day!!


Claudie said...

Vintage photo's are the best. Don't stop.
I think your mom was posing to show us her new coat. She looks proud.
I scrolled down and she was a real "fashion bug" like my mom. They never would have worn sweat pants to go out shopping, ever. I do not use my google acc.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

You have GREAT family photos! Please keep sharing those wonderful vintage ones! You mother and father were very stylish, weren't they? Were they always like that...even later in life?


Betty said...

Hi, I 'fogged' over from My Crafty.." and I love the pictures of your mom...what a looker! And such a nice idea. I'm going to play 'catch up' with your looks really interesting!

lorhen82 said...

Your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them...and for leaving me nice comments! ~Lori

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

These are some wonderful vintage photos...I know you treasure them!

Deborah said...

You have the most wonderful photos! I can't get over what a fashion plate your mother was. Please don't stop sharing the vintage pictures!