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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday

I had a nice Mother's Day with my mother, my husband, and his family....however, my daughter and her family were in Tucson! My precious grandson had a fever and there was no way I was going to have them drive to Chandler to see me for Mother's Day. My husband and I drove to Tucson the day after Mother's Day and we celebrated with my daughter and her family at that time. My daughter gave me a Jim Shore angel "Peace in the Garden" holding a basket of roses with roses swirling down her dress. I have three rosebushes in my back yard and I want to buy more because I love roses. I also have several Jim Shore figurines because I think his work is so unique. My grandson (age 2) gave me a very pretty angel pin that I can't wait to wear. Thank you, Joe, Karen and Brandt for my lovely Mother's Day gifts.

~~~Peace in the Garden~~~
My birthday is May 12, so we celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. My daughter gave me some pretty earrings that I haven't taken off since I opened that gift. My husband had my car washed (OMG did it need a thorough cleaning) and he bought me two dark chocolate bars which are supposed to be so good for the heart. Lord knows that my heart must be perfect for the amount of dark chocolate that I eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also bought me two very pretty nightgowns that I picked out and a sparkly ring just for fun. We had cake at my daughter's house and my grandson helped me blow out the candle. Yes, one candle!
Brandt wasn't feeling well the whole time we were in Tucson. He ended up with an ear infection and spots! My diagnosis is "roseola" because he had all the symptoms that were on my Google search. He was very irritable which is so unlike him and he had the ear thing and a throat thing which also fit the roseola symptoms. He also had a high fever before the spots so even without an "M.D." after my name, I'm pretty sure he had the "sixth disease" as this childhood ailment is often referred to. I spoke to Karen today and Brandt seems to be back to normal running and playing as usual~~~thank goodness!
The cards that I received for my birthday and Mother's Day were so appropriate and I could tell that Karen and my husband put a lot of thought into selecting these cards. The words were so meaningful. Thank you Karen, Joe, Brandt and John for two wonderful, memorable days of celebrating. Now I have this weekend to look forward to with my friends who have "some plans" for me. I can't even imagine what is going to happen!


Karen said...

He didn't have roseola ... and it's "fifth disease" not sixth.

Short and Sweet said...

No it isn't. "Fifth disease" is entirely different from roseola which is known as "the sixth disease". Brandt may already have had "Fifth disease" according to your dr. Google both.

Karen said...

My bad ... anyway, I'm glad you liked everything for Mother's Day & your birthday.

kayellen said...

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday and Mother's Day!!!

Blessing to you in this coming year:)

Hope to see your pics on flickr!
I have been working a lot so I have slowed down a bit...

I am working on graduation announcements..trying to finish them up..a lot of work!

Hugs and enjoy your Memorial Day,