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Sunday, May 17, 2009

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So President Obama spoke at the 2009 Notre Dame commencement today amid some controversy and a lot of support!!!! I really thought about this whole scenario and I wondered what I would have done if I was graduating today.......

I am definitely pro-life and I would have attended the ceremony wearing my mortarboard with the yellow cross and baby feet. I don't believe in abortion except in extreme and rare circumstances....rape being one of them. I was raised Catholic and I attended Catholic schools until I went to Phoenix College and then Arizona State University. My daughter attended a Catholic high school following two years of a Catholic junior high. I insisted that she go to the same college prep school that I went to because of its unequaled educational opportunities only~~~NOT for the religious training. My upbringing in the Catholic school system taught me how to fear the Lord and feel guilty about almost everything. Therapy here I come......... I finally came to the realization that mortal sins and venial sins were made up by the church so the sacrament of confession could be instituted to make me feel even more guilty. The thought of confessing to a priest my wrong-doings was not my idea of getting closer to God. I look back on all my years of indoctrination and I wonder how it could have happened. I never questioned my religion, my parents or my sad is that? In the 50's and 60's the church was law and the priests were revered. During the Vietnam war many priests advocated burning draft cards....separation of church and state? Early charges of abuse caused church staff to relocate and sweep things under the rug so to speak. My idea of the priesthood now is that it is a fraternity of pedophiles (I know the whole guilt by association theory and not all priests fall into that category) but I can't look any priest in the eye to this day. The archaic idea that priests can't marry is stupid. They can't marry but they certainly can abuse!!! Oh, and the Popes that had children during their Papacy....let's not forget about that!

Oh, I can go on and on..... I agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck in that if I was a graduate of Notre Dame today, I would take my seat and graduate with my classmates. My silent but overt protest would be displayed on my mortarboard...I just can't condone abortion especially when it is used as a form of birth control by some women. The video The Silent Scream will make you cry and make your heart break. For me it isn't a religious issue but a moral issue. I've fallen away from the Catholic Church and its teachings, but I feel that a baby is a baby at the time of conception. I am not a Republican or a Democrat but an Independent. I sit back and think that the Republicans are stupid sometime and then the Democrats act like idiots and everything evens out. Nancy Pelosi is an example of an idiot right now!
Rachel, if you have read this blog, I can't wait to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Just stopped in to say "hey" - wrote a funny post on Sunday on Florida, and I'm introducing DeStash to my new friends in today's post. Hope you stop by; )

For my part, I'm finishing 2 tissue cozies today and shipping one out that I sold. Then it's on to upgrading my DeStash site, re-writing my Faerie Tales and on and on. Yep, I do love to be productive. Talk to you soon, Have a great week,


R. Batty said...

Hmm, don't know why you're waiting for me to comment on this one. I honestly don't have much to say about it. I think the whole thing is rather trivial and entirely overblown. No graduating class is ever going to find a public speaker that everyone likes, let alone shares that speaker's values. I didn't really think that was the point anyway. I mean, look who I had to take my high school diploma from: Bishop hit-and-run-cover-up-sexual-abuse Thomas O'Brien. I never liked that man from the moment he gave us seniors one of the most patronizing and insulting speeches I ever heard, but if I wanted to protest my XCP graduation, I could have kissed my diploma goodbye.

Point is, you've just got to learn not to care about your graduation speaker. Just take your degree and run. If you're lucky, you might get to shake hands with the President of the United States. And if your not, you get to shake hands with a man who knowingly sheltered pedophiles. Them's the breaks.

Short and Sweet said...

I love you.

Karen said...

Mom, you really need to change your font color for your comment section - it's very difficult to read.

Karen said...

Thanks for changing your font color - before you did, I felt like I was taking a color blindness test.

Anyway, did you hear about this guy? I think it's an interesting story that relates to your message about out-dated policies on priests being forced to remain celebate. And for once it's not about sexual abuse with an altar boy.,8599,1896581,00.html

Karen said...

Wait, try this link instead:

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I agree with oh so much you wrote. I too am a recovering Catholic. Grew up in the Catholic faith and am now a happy Methodist, have been since I was in my late 20s. And while I have many of the same problems you have with Catholicism, and more, I know many good Catholic people and even a couple of good Catholic priests. But now that my eyes and heart are open to Jesus, I could never live by all that fiction again. And the guilt! always the guilt.
I am purely pro choice on the abortion issue though. Not that I don't see your point, I do. I just think that marriage and reproduction are two areas where the government should butt out.