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Friday, June 19, 2009

Pink Saturday

Welcome to another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Please click on the "Pink Saturday" button in the right sidebar so you can visit other delightfully pink photos.

My first photo is of pink baby booties and pink rattles for a baby girl. We just found out that my daughter is having a baby girl in October and we are thrilled. The new baby will join our precious grandson in making us two very happy and proud grandparents. The safety pin, the clothes pin, the Care Bear and block were my daughter's playthings when she was a baby 29 years ago!!! The booties are new.
I'm not sure where this mini pitcher and swan came from but they have been around for a long time. I think that my grandmother had a swan like this but I'm not sure. I just remember these being in our house for many years.
This Marie Antoinette shoe has also been around forever. My mother brought it with her when we moved to Phoenix in 1962. One of my aunts might have given it to my mom, but I'm not sure. It is prettier than the camera is not the best. The pink flowers on the toe of the shoe are so delicate and pretty not to mention the inside of the shoe itself.
Thank you for visiting today and have a peaceful and wonderful weekend.


kayellen said...

How exciting!!A new baby girl!!!
Have a wonderful weekend:)

We have a family memorial service i am missing the pink time and church comes firstthis weekend.


Irene Toh said...

Congratulations. It will be so sweet to put the pink booties and all to use, for your coming grandchild.

Mary said...

It is hard to beat the wonderful news you received, but you put together an amazing collection of pink for your post today. Thank you for sharing it with us. Blessings...Mary

g said...

Congratulations on the upcoming baby! You must be so proud.

Love all the pink things. Have a great weekend.

Claudia said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news for your family. Happy Pink Saturday!

movingonlady said...

congratulations on the new arrival.
I have 2 grandaughters and 4 grandsons they are so much fun.
Love the baby items you kept from your daughter.

Kdottie Designs said...

Congratulations to all of you. Beautiful pinks!

stefanie said...

beautiful, happy pink saturday!!!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Lovely pink blog post! Another Saturday, where I am taking in all of the pink and visiting some of the most lovely blogs in cyberspace. I need the pink this morning, it's all dark and raining outside. So thanks for the uplift☺

Wishing you and those you l♥ve a weekend filled with sunshine, good food and many, tender memories.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

What exciting news! Congratulations on your future granddaughter! Those pink booties will look so darling on her!

Have a lovey weekend!