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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's the little things

WOW! I can't believe it's been so long since I've actually blogged about something even if it's a little thing. I'm in the midst of planning, organizing and shopping for my daughter's baby shower. Since it's been so miserably hot out, I haven't felt like venturing into the car to drive around from store to store to get some of the stuff that I need...and I need a lot. Many of the ideas are still swimming around in what is left of my brain, and some ideas have actually taken shape. I was at my computer until around 3 AM working on two ideas for the shower. I'm not going to be specific about any details because my daughter and other invited guests read my blog and I want the theme and details to be a surprise. Diana and Robin, only 1 of my "hints" actually made it to the semi-completed stage!!

I've also been working on "Brandt's Big Brother Bucket". I don't want Brandt, my grandson, to feel left out when his sister arrives, so I'm putting together some puzzles, games, and 2 Wiggles videos to keep him busy during the initial flurry of newborn activity. Speaking of "Wiggles", my daughter and I took Brandt to see their show on Monday afternoon when it was 114 degrees in Phoenix. We had to walk back to the car which was about a block and a half away from the Dodge Theater (my daughter dropped us off in front of the theater before the show). It was miserable and Karen was worried about Brandt getting overheated. We managed to get on the freeway (took forever) and we drove back to Chandler where I live. We stopped to get cold water and I took Brandt's shirt off only to have him get upset because he wanted it on!!! It was a nice show and Brandt had fun, but the heat outside was awful. I told my daughter that we will never plan anything like this again in July or August.

So between the baby shower and Brandt's bucket, I've been pretty busy. Since the baby shower is only a few weeks away, I've decided to make it my priority....DUH. Brand't bucket can wait until October when the baby is born.....oh, I also have to plan my mother's 95th birthday party which is September 4th. Lord, give me strength.

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Karen said...

At least Brandt had a good time at Wiggles, although he started getting fidgety half way through. Most kids did, though.

Thanks for doing all of that ... but don't go overboard. It doens't have to be a huge production. But I appreciate your enthusiasm & excitement.