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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yard sales and Estate sales

I've been busy going to yard sales/estate sales and I've loved every minute of it!  There was a nice community sale near my house today and I found several things for my house and for my grandchildren.

This first photo is of "I can read" books along with phonics and kindergarten CD's for my grandson who is 5.  He started sounding out words when he was 3 thanks to "Letter Factory" and "Word Factory".   My daughter and I would use letter tiles to make 3-letter words and he would say the word for us. As a retired teacher, I always stress phonics with my grandson and, now that he is in kindergarten, we have him read simple books to us.  Therefore, I'm happy that I stumbled upon these books and CD's to further enrich his reading skills.
This next photo is of a Dora kitchen.  I found it today along with 100+ utensils, dishes, and play food.  It is spotless and just needs batteries to make sounds.  My granddaughter will be happy with my $10.00 purchase.

For some reason I was really drawn to these two shelves.  Too bad I couldn't take a decent picture of them!  These will go into the bedroom that my mother used before she passed away.

I thought that these two photo albums were cute.  I could use about 100 of these for all the photos that I still have to organize of my grandchildren.
This is a large spider web table cloth that I found at a sale while I was in Tucson.  I can use it as a table cloth, or repurpose it to make cute valances for the arches in my house.

These 3 wall hangings are so adorable!  I can't wait to put them in my granddaughter's room. They are larger than they appear in this photo and they are quite sturdy.  Not bad for $3.00 each!

I helped a friend organize her sale and I came across this 1969 LIFE magazine.  She told me to take it and I was more than happy to as my grandchildren will now have a great reference for the first moon-landing.  This magazine will be added to the historic ones that my father saved along with his original WWII newspapers.  My grandchildren will have history at their fingertips.
I found this wall sconce on Craig's List.  This lady was selling everything in her house so I bought this candle sconce for one of my entry walls.

I also bought this pastry holder from the wall sconce lady.  The plates and the pastery came with the holder and I just added some Halloween stuff to the top plate.

I went to an estate sale on a Friday and I bought a doll and an apothecary jar.  I returned on Saturday and I found this darling circular picture of a teapot and roses.  The person running the estate sale said that they had just found this piece and put it out about an hour before I got to the sale.  I'm glad that I returned on Sat.  This, too, will go into my mom's old room.


These two teacup and teapot pictures will accompany the circular picture when I organize my mom's room.

 I think that this is a reproduction Jumeau doll.  I could be wrong but I think it is either a Jumeau or Bru.  Whatever it is, I saw her at the estate sale and took her home.  I'm going to display my doll collection in my mom's old room as soon as I get organized enough to figure out what I'm doing!  As of yet, I have ideas swimming around in my head but I haven't actually put my plans in place.
 Close-up of the doll's face.  She has an open mouth with teeth showing which makes the original dolls very rare and very expensive.  That is why I obviously have reproductions!

Finally the apothecary jar!  This was at the estate sale and I'm still not sure why I bought it.  I will probably use it for holidays to display certain themes...I'm not sure yet.
I also bought 6 boxes of ornaments that will be used to make a wreath at an upcoming luncheon.  I'll post the ornaments later this week.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all the finds!!! I will see you next weekend!!!