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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas decor 101

I had my wonderful husband bring in all of the Christmas boxes the second week in November so I could start decorating early.  Since we went to Tucson and had Thanksgiving with my daughter, I knew no one would be at the house to witness my insanity first-hand!  I puttered around with the smaller decorations...the trees just recently went up...because I'm having a high school alum luncheon this Sat. and I didn't want to wait until the last minute to complete the decorating. 

The light in the dining room needed something but I didn't know what!  I found an anemic-looking piece of greenery (entwined Christmas tree branches) and twisted it around the light.  It looked sad and awful so I started to embellish with things that I packed away from yard sales and after-Christmas sales at Michael's, etc.  First came the big colorful ornaments that captured my eye at a yard sale.  Next came the white and gold-looking ornies from another yard sale.  Next came the picks and beaded garland from Michael's and a yard sale respectively.  Finally I found the crystal-like hanging ornaments mixed with other stuff in a box that I forgot I even had!  All of this was done with mostly yard sale finds!

Last year I went to a workshop at Meri Wiley's house, and I liked the the name tags that she made for each participant.  Therefore, I decided to duplicate them (with Meri's help) for my luncheon.  Actually the only thing that I copied was the white part of the name tag.  Meri programmed some sort of machine to produce the cute edges on the name tags, and I used stuff that I had on hand to embellish each tag.  Meri also sewed the little red netting things from material left over from my daughter's wedding 7 years ago. 

Like I said, I only started with the smaller decor like my dolls and miscellaneous things.  The trees were just finished this past weekend. 

One of my Jim Shore angels with a Jim Shore sleigh in the background used as a centerpiece.

More standing ballerinas in something (I wish I knew what to call it) that I recently bought at an estate sale.  I think it is some sort of display case.

I'll post more photos from before, during and after the luncheon.  I'm still busy with last minute preparations!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Everything looks amazing!! LOVING the tags you and Meri made!!!

ImagiMeri said...

Loretta sweetie, your storage cabinet is called a "Terrarium"
in the Victorian style. They used them as indoor hot houses for plants. It looks like your party is going to be so much fun, well done you.


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Hi my friend....I hope we can get together so I can see those adorable dolls in person!!