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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

Welcome to another Friday's Favorite Family Foto day. I've decided to take a trip down memory lane and post some pictures of me as a baby, little girl, high school student and mother.
I'm starting with a photo of my very first Christmas in December, 1948. Apparently my parents had high hopes for me playing the piano one day, but I'm tone deaf and never had any musical talents whatsoever!
This next photo was taken at San Juan Capistrano in California. I'm standing by my father and we are feeding the swallows. My older cousin, Carol Nancy, is also in the picture.
Oh, how I remember this yellow/gold chair! I think that my aunt has it now but it was in our living room when I was a little girl. My mother liked to dress me in short skirts and dresses and put the cutest shoes on me. I guess I was her little doll since she rarely, if ever, had one to play with as a child.

I'm standing between my mom and dad at my Grandmother's house during Christmas 1952. I sure wish that I had some of the figurines in the bookcase behind us.
Wow does this photo bring back memories! I was the nun in my kindergarten graduation class in 1953. Since I had stage experience as a ballerina, the nuns thought that I would be the perfect choice to be on stage and hand out diplomas to my classmates. Needless to say my parents were thrilled at the choice. That is until I came home one day and, in my 5 year-old voice, told my mom that I didn't want to be the nun anymore! That decision wasn't well received. My mother called the convent and arranged to meet with some nuns so we could all discuss my "nunnery" issues. As it turned out, during a dress rehearsal one of the nuns accidentally stuck me in the head with a pin that was needed to hold the headpiece together. I didn't care if the nuns had to hurt themselves everyday by sticking pins in their heads to keep that thing on, but they certainly weren't going to put pins in my head!!! After the problem was discovered and I was assured that I wouldn't have to have any pins in my head, I agreed to perform my duties and hand out the diplomas. The boy I'm standing with is now a retired ob/gyn living in North Carolina. We always did consider him the "brain" of our class.

The next photo is of my First Holy Communion. I still have the veil, the pin, the crucifix, the bracelet, the prayer book and the rosary that you see in this picture. My mom always saved everything and I'm glad that she did.

The picture on the left is from my junior year in high school and the picture on the right is my high school senior picture. Ahhh, yes the flip!!!
Finally we see a photo of my myself, my mother and my daughter. My mom is probably around 89 or 90 in this photo and my daughter is out of college and working. This picture was taken before Karen was engaged....I think.

Well, this wraps up another Foto day hosted by Deborah. Thank you for viewing and leaving your kind comments. I really appreciate it.


April said...

I'm visiting from Deborah's blog! What great photos and stories you shared! I really love the one of you on your First Holy Communion and I love the hairstyle in your high school picture...isn't that coming back? :) Have a great Friday!

Joy said...

Thanks for sharing the trip down memory lane! Your photos are wonderful. Like a little angel you were on your first communion!

splummer said...

Great story of your life. I really like the last photo of you, your mom and daughter. You are all beautiful!! Have a great day!!


ann said...

What a sweet childhood you had.And I'm so glad your mom saved all that for you.You have a lovely family.And the story of the pin is priceless...Ann

Claudie said...

Love your pictures today. I also had one of those little pianos for Xmas around the same year as yours.
My first communion was something I will never forgot.
Love your pinks for PS also.
Have a great weekend. I do not use my blogger acc.

Deborah said...

How beautiful is your first communion picture!! I love it!

Your junior photo is very cute...and a little 'sassy'! You look like a model.

So happy for you that your mother saved your treasures...good for her!

Thank you and see you next week!

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Your were such a precious little girl! I love the picture of you sitting in the yellow chair! But my favorite photo is the one of you in the nun outfit! How funny! I collect vintage photos of children and that is one photo I would snatch up in a is adorable!


Montee said...

You are a very beautiful lady. I had a little piano like you had. My grandmother taught me piano but I refused to continue lessons after she passed away. I just could not see myself taking from anyone else. Now, I wish I had. I also remember my mother having that flipdo.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Check my Saturday post! I gave you a link on my blog!


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane. You're just a little bit younger than me and I recognized that high school hairdo. I had the same one in my year book photo. By the way, you were an adorable nun.

Loretta said...

I loved looking at your old photos! I esp love your communion photo and the Christmas ones. How sweet. I had a Panda like yours. He was huge. My parents had drapes like yours too. I was born in 1960. I put old photos on my blog each Monday, in case you're interested. If I could figure out how to add labels, you could find them easily. Ha...ha...I've only done it twice so far.