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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

Welcome to another fabulous Friday Favorite Family Foto day. WOW...a lot of alliteration there. Please visit other participants by clicking on the "Photos" button in the right sidebar. The wonderful Deborah hosts this event and it's fun to see so many different family photos. I'm sharing photos of my grandson who just turned 2 on February 9. Since LOVE seems to be the theme of February, I've decided to post pictures of the love of our lives who just celebrated a birthday this week.

My first photo is of my son-in-law, Joe, holding my day-old grandson, Brandt. Brandt was born two years ago, and from the very beginning these two have bonded sharing many father and son activities.
This next photo is of Brandt at his Baptism in Tucson. He is wearing the very same gown worn by his Great-Grandmother, Sarah, in 1914, his Nana (me) in 1948, and his mom, Karen, in 1980. With Brandt wearing the gown in 2007, that makes four generations and 93 years of a treasured family heirloom.
Brandt went to Disneyland for the first time when he was 4 months old. My daughter bought some "ears" for him at that time which seem a little too big for such a small head. I just love this next photo of my grandson because of the expression on his face. It was taken at Joe's sister's house and the photo really shows off Brandt's blue eyes.

Brandt loves watermelon as you can see from the next photo. Again, his gorgeous blue eyes seem to take over the entire picture.
Again Brandt has on his mouse ears but this time he put them on himself. As you can see he has them on sideways which cracks me up.
Finally I had to include the latest picture of Brandt at his birthday party. My daughter made a birthday cake and several cupcakes to share with Brandt's friends. The cupcakes were a huge hit and Brandt seems to be enjoying his second one as much as the first.
Happy Birthday, precious one, and always remember that you are deeply loved.


splummer said...

He's adorable!! Beautiful eyes!! Like that photo of him eating his cake! Happy belated birthday! Have a great day!!


ann said...

His shirt saying "TOO CUTE",is perfect.What a doll...Ann

Joy said...

Lord, those eyes are going to be the downfall of many a girl in the years to come!

Montee said...

He is the cutest little thing and with those beautiful blue eyes. I would have to spoil that child. Happy Valentine's Day!

Deborah said...

We grandmothers must be the proudest women God ever put on this good earth. Love his big eyes and I love that your famiy cares so much about family history and carrying on family traditions.

Thank you for sharing these,


His eyes are gorgeous! What a baby doll he is.

Teresa Porter said...

He is an angel!! And wow, those eyes...

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.