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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Upcycled Dolls!

I spent a delightful day with Meri Wiley and friends making an upcycled doll!  The entire idea came from Meri while working on one of her many original ideas.  It was a rather long, involved process but we all chatted and laughed which made the time fly by...except for the hand sewing!  You would never guess that the entire doll started out as a light bulb!!!!  After adding some clay and doing a little molding on the light bulb, the heads were ready for the oven.  Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the work in progress.
This is Meri's sister, Jen, showing off her completed Marie Antoinette doll.

 I think that Jen did a fabulous job!  Love the "wig".

        Melissa is working on her doll which she modeled after Meri!  Great job, Melissa!

                                         Here is Melissa posing with her "Meri" doll.

                                                                Melissa and "Meri".

       Here is Sharon with her doll.  The doll isn't quite finished but it really is cute as is.

Here is our wonderful hostess, Meri, posing with two dolls that she made and used as models for us to follow.

You can see that Meri's dolls really look great because she has just the right touch when it comes to sewing and painting heads.  I wish that you could see the detail which is flawless.

Here is a photo of my doll...poor thing!  Meri had to help me with the face and a few other things but I finally finished the doll.  I think that the nose is too big and I wish that I had drawn a nose instead of molded one with the clay.  My doll's hair is in a pony tail tied with a red ribbon.  I added cherry earrings to go along with the dress.  My doll has painted nails, as well as a necklace and bracelet on because I always have my nails done and I usually wear jewelry when I go out.  

Visiting Meri's blog is always a treat.  She is an exceptional and generous hostess who opens up her house for crafting a few times a month.  Our next project will be in November and we will be making "putz" houses for Christmas.  I told Meri that I would attend as long as I didn't have to sew anything! Last year we made wreaths at Meri's for Christmas and that was wonderful project so I'm really looking forward to joining Meri again in November.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

All of your dolls turned out fabulous!! I love them!!!

ImagiMeri said...

Oh I had so much fun with you Loretta, and just remember, you can always make another one exactly how you want it to be......I know, you won't be doing that anytime soon ;o)

You're too hard on yourself, you did an amazing job!


Sandy McClay said...

You just crack me up!!!! I think every one of them came out great!!!! I will see you at the next event Loretta!