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Sunday, November 3, 2013

More community and yard sale finds

I spent another busy weekend at an estate sale and at a community yard sale.  I almost didn't go to the estate sale because it was late and I knew that they shut down at 1 PM.  I'm glad that I forced myself to go in spite of the time crunch!

I found this tall glass vase (?) at a yard sale last week but forgot to post it.  At an rate, I like the color combination of flowers and I plan to buy more to fill out the shape.  This ended up in my powder room.

This towel holder also ended up in the powder room.  I'll probably get another black towel to balance out the one that is already in this picture.

I saw this piece in the photo gallery of the estate sale that I wanted to go to.  Like I said, I'm glad that I forced myself to go so late in the day because this was still at the sale!  I was very surprised but happy to see this...whatever it is called...because I can put some of my dolls in it.  I'll decorate it for Christmas with some ballerinas or whatever!

Diana, a good friend of mine, lives in Sun Lakes which is a 40+ community not too far from where I live.  She called and asked if I wanted to go to the community sale on Saturday and, of course, I said "yes".  I found this Little Mermaid puzzle, the books, and the Monopoly Junior game for a grand total of $5.25!  The Monopoly game is still in its wrapper and has never been opened!  I actually was surprised to find these children's things as this community doesn't allow anyone under 18 to be a full-time resident.  Apparently some grandparents were selling things for their grandchildren. 

This little bunny is from the estate sale.  I think it is cute and I'll put her out for Easter.

This talking Cinderella vanity set was at the Sun Lakes sale.  Again, I was surprised to find it due to the age restrictions.  However, a grandmother was selling it as her granddaughters had outgrown it.  It is clean and in great condition except for the missing drawer on the right side of the vanity.  I'm sure that my 4 year-old granddaughter won't mind the missing drawer!  Actually Diana and I had pulled up to another sale when I saw this vanity set across the street.  I was in a trance and I blocked out everything around me except for this set.  Diana called out my name and wanted to know where I going but I didn't hear her.  I could have been hit by a car and not noticed because I had zoned in on this set.  

When I opened the little armoire, I found two princess dresses, two crowns and a princess scepter. 

I just couldn't resist all of this for $35.00!!!  My granddaughter already has several princess dresses and a crown so she can add these to her collection!  I really like the yellow dress and I'm sure Lily will like it too.

This gaudy night light was at the estate sale and I was drawn to it.  I like things out of the ordinary so this appealed to me.

This Galway Longford crystal pillar hurricane was $4.00 at the Sun Lakes sale.  I just saw it listed on ebay for $121.49 and at Sears for $213.84 on sale!  I'm shocked!  

Overall I'm happy with what I bought at the sales, but I'm really glad that I went with Diana.  She drove her golf cart and we had a ball.  At times I felt like I was on "My Toad's Wild Ride" without a seat belt!  I can't wait for the next Sun Lakes Community Sale!


ImagiMeri said...

Great finds pretty lady! I went to a sale on Friday and got some cool things, which you'll see on Saturday. So excited to be seeing you again!

Have a lovely week,

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!! Awesome finds!!! Loving that Princess set!!!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Wow....I was in Sun lakes on Saturday and I didn't find anything! What a gorgeous vase!