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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Here are 4 different bride dolls with a variation of the same cream-colored dress. This first picture is of "Beth" in a 1960 version of the dress. My parent's 1943 wedding photo is next to this bride.

The next photo is of "Elizabeth" in a 1900 version of the dress. My husband's grandparents are in the photo next to this bride.

This bride is "Betty" and she is in a 1930 style of the same dress. My grandparent's 1913 wedding picture is next to Betty along with a picture of my mother as a bridesmaid.

This is "Lisa" and she has on a 1990 version of the dress. My mom's First Holy Communion picture from 1921 is next to Lisa in this photo.



You have so many amazing family heirlooms.

Loretta said...

What a lovely idea; posing the bride dolls with bride photos! How pretty!