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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yard sales......I love them and I go to them regularly. You will find me bleary-eyed and (how can I say this?)....without the benefit of a shower at the crack of dawn at a yard sale on Friday, Saturday, or sometimes even Sunday mornings. I'm addicted and I cruise Craig's List religiously so I can make notes and plan my attacks accordingly. Well lately I've been annoyed at the stupidity of some people holding these yard sales. Here is an example of what I'm talking about.........
***I sometimes spot a sign for a sale (not on my list) and follow it to NOWHERE!!! I don't understand this. Some of us weren't born with ESP and I don't have a tracking device in my car. Get a clue people. If the sign is for an old sale, please have the courtesy to take it down.
***Some signs are too small and by the time I see them, I'm slamming on my brakes causing a 32-car pile-up. Get BIGGER signs and put them in prominent places with clearly marked arrows that point in one direction. I've seen cardboard signs marked with pencil and pens. I also haven't been blessed with X-ray or telescopic vision which makes reading these signs just about impossible.
***If you have a neon-colored sign (you know the bright pink, green, yellow, etc. ones) stick with one color for directions to the sale. Don't start out with a nice orange sign and change to another color before I find the sale. This is confusing because I think I'm going to a different sale than the one I started out for.
***Price your items accordingly. I went to one yard sale that had everything priced as if it were an estate sale. I picked up one vintage hat and I was told that it was $10.00!!! What? The lady wanted at least $5.00 for little knick-knacks and a fortune for some purses and dresses. Time to go home.
***If you advertise certain things at a sale, please have them available. One lady advertised some clothes but, when I got to her sale, I couldn't find a piece of thread let alone a shirt! She had a few tables out with every item overpriced but not one stitch of clothing anywhere. I asked her about the advertised clothing and she said that it was too nice to put out and maybe I could step into her house to look at the clothes. I could do all of this after her other customers left of course. I live in Arizona and it gets hot even early in the morning so I declined her offer to get skin cancer so I could see her precious clothing. Needless to say I was mumbling things when I left this sale.
***Don't hype up your sale on Craig's List only to disappoint people when they arrive. I've anxiously driven to sales knowing that I would find just what I was looking for because I read the lengthy ad only to be sorely disappointed at what is on the driveway. Gas is much too expensive to lie to people just to get them to your sale.
I could go on and on about yard sale problems but I won't. I have attended some wonderful sales and met some great people and that more then makes up for the duds and the Dudleys who have them.

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