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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here is my Red Wednesday picture for the "I saw RED" challenge on Sara's blog at Sadie Olive. I'm having so much fun doing this, I can't believe it! I've NEVER done anything like this before and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The picture I'm including for today is a vintage pair of Little Red Riding Hood (love their sweet and delicate faces) salt and pepper shakers that my mother had when I was a child. She saved them and now I have them on display (safely behind a glass panel) in my kitchen. She also had a cookie jar to match the shakers, but she doesn't remember what happened to it! As I've stated before, I'm not crazy about the color RED, but this challenge has given me a chance to really see and appreciate the various colors around me. Thanks, Sara, for the challenge~~~hence, nudging me to stop and take in the colorful beauty I usually take for granted every day.


Kathleen Grace said...

These salt and pepper shakers are adorable:>) Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's so nice to meet you!


They are darling. I love the old ceramics.